Adventures retreats in Puerto Rico

"Insanity, doing the same thing and expecting different results"

-Megan Hurdman


Every journey begins with that first step.

Stand-up paddle boarding yoga looks intriguing. Could you describe it for our readers?

Stand up paddle boarding an amazing way to really help you ‘stay present,’ one of the main goals and hardest challenges in any yoga practice.  When the mind wanders you get pulled back to the moment to stay steady on the board. Imagine some of your favorite poses done in the sunshine and on the water, add the challenge of focus and stability and you have a very rewarding and effective workout and work-in! 

~~~ UPDATE ~~~

9. Jun, 2016

Adventure to the next level!

SutraFit Adventures has taken the adventure to the next level. You can now find Megan and Andy in Puerto Rico doing what they love! Now they are located in Dorado Beach just 30 minutes West of San Juan on beautiful pristine beaches with the ideal weather and settings for all the activities they enjoy sharing!

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Adventure Retreat in Puerto Rico

Summer Arrives, Ready for an Adventure!

8 June 2016.

Sun, Fun, & Adventure into your summer. Join world travel and adventurers Megan and Andy on the beautiful North West coast of Puerto Rico for an active escape. Your days will be filled with nature, beaches, sup, yoga, fitness and healthy meals made with love. This retreat is designed to give you both the opportunity to have fun filled.